Concrete Orchid Media is seeking story submissions for an upcoming anthology about growing up as a black girl who never quite fit in. All women with a knack for expressing themselves using words, photography, or illustration are invited to share their personal experiences about what it was like being the odd woman out.

Perhaps your fashion sense was way ahead of its time. Your skateboard was frowned upon, or your comic book collection was just too “weird” to reveal to your friends. Maybe your musical tastes dipped a little too far into other genres, or you simply refused to accept the traditional definition of being “ladylike.”

Wherever you are in your journey, or whatever your unique story may have been, your experience defining (and redefining) your identity will make for a colorful collection of touching, inspiring, and hilarious stories.

This book project was inspired by a recent interview with Miss Jack Davey of the band, J*Davey, who said, “in junior high, when all my friends were listening to R. Kelly, I was secretly hiding away listening to Nevermind by Nirvana. That was my own little private joy. My friends would be like, ‘you listen to Led Zeppelin?!'”

The purpose of this project is to celebrate our beautiful eccentricities. Each contributor will have the opportunity to discuss how her identity as “quirky” began to take shape, and how that experience affected a particular moment, or even shaped her entire life. In 5,000 words or less, use your creative writing style to describe what specifically makes (or made) you unique. Were you a nerd? Did you scare your family with pink hair and piercings? Were you a tuba playing theater geek? Are you a BMX biker and poet obsessed with foreign films? Tell your story! Get specific. Get creative. Play around with story and sentence structure. Let your writing style reflect just how awesome you are. The deadline for submissions has been extended to January 30, 2012.

Women of all walks of life are welcome to expound on a key moment in her life. Moments and topics can include (but are definitely not limited to):


Relationships (personal or professional)

Personal Style

School/Growing Up

Eccentric Personal Interests/Creative Pursuits

If you, or someone you know, is an eccentric/quirky/awkward black girl with a flair for writing, photography, or illustration, please contact for more information.