There’s something about colors and composition that really make an image striking. The first photo was taken the summer of ’06. Right after college graduation, I traveled with homies to visit another friend living in Brazil. We hit up the beaches of Rio de Janiero, drank strong-ass caipirinhas made by a woman on the street, stocked up on jewelry, and danced with the people of Salvador, Bahia. There’s tons of beautiful graffiti around Rio, and this was one of the first walls we came across. So we commemorated the moment. Trash bags and all.

I jacked the second photo from one of my favorite Tumblr blogs, Freshmen Friday. If I could choose only one stone to wear for the rest of my life, I’d choose turquoise. This photo says it all about my obsession. And “Cangote” by Brazilian singer, Ceu, speaks to this color palette and the mood I tried to achieve today. Relaxed, bright, and extra cool. Bon appetit.