What do you get when three cool-ass black girls throw down on bass, drums, guitar and electronic sounds?

noon:30. My new favorite band.

On Saturday, I trekked from Newark, New Jerz to Sunset Park, Brooklyn for the Women’s Experimental Sound Festival just to hear this band. My friend, Tyrone Norris of One Versus Many put me on this DC and Brooklyn-based trio, and now I’m in love. Their music is everything I live for in the world. It’s fun, explorative, dance-worthy, and flat out dope. As corny as it may sound, these chicks fuckin’ ROCK.

The video that I captured basically sucks, but it’s enough to give you a lil taste of what noon:30 is all about. Consider it a teaser for what’s to come. Stay tuned…

noon:30 from aboston on Vimeo.