The folks at Afro-Punk reported in yesterday’s newsletter that Tamar-Kali, Jean Grae, and Detroit’s Invincible are embarking on their first Born in Flames Tour.


I got a chance to see Tamar-Kali and Invincible this past June at the Allied Media Conference, and I was in the audience a couple years ago at a super underground Jean Grae/Talib Kweli show in NYC. Each of these women has their own sound, history, and vibe, yet I can only imagine the kind of chemistry that’ll go down on stage.  The Born in Flames Tour is the kind of taking-matters-into-my-own-hands style of creation that I love to see from young women who tend to fall along the outskirts of the music industry.

“The Born in Flames Tour bridges the worlds of hip hop and rock, and spotlights women who represent the best of both worlds, bringing together two crucibles of creativity—Brooklyn and Detroit. Featured artists InvincibleTamar-kali, and Jean Grae are all highly-respected in their individual scenes, and their ever-growing fan bases will continue to elevate them into cult status well into the future. The name of the tour, Born in Flames, speaks to the pressure these artists feel from from a world that’s often at odds with their very existence, be it black/woman/queer/punk, etc.”

This is right up my alley. Only one show is scheduled so far, at this year’s SXSW, so fans in Austin, TX should be in for a treat.

Check it out:

Also check out Invincible’s video for “Detroit Summer” below. I chose this because I noticed that several scenes were filmed during last year’s AMC, and some of the kids featured at the end helped put on an interactive workshop on mural-making that I attended. Maybe if you slow the video down, you might see me in the crowd?