A few weeks ago, while browsing through designer Andrea Pippins’ beautiful blog, Fly, I learned about an anthology that’s quickly become my book of the moment. “It’s a Wonderful Lie: 26 Truths About Life in Your Twenties,” published in 2007, is an honest and engaging book of short stories by a group of women writers who relive the growing pains of their twenties in hilarious and thoughtful essays. These women—now in their 30’s and happily nestled in cushy careers and family lives—put it all out there for the reader’s benefit and entertainment. From lame jobs to indecisiveness to troubled relationships, the essays give fellow restless dreamers (like myself) hope for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I had my own tough experience with the Quarterlife Crisis. Right after college, I found myself completely alone at 23 in New York City, working in the publishing industry, and trying to figure out what the hell my life was supposed to be about. I’d broken up with my college boyfriend, had a hurtful falling out with a longtime friend, and shared a Harlem apartment with two (extra cool) white guys. My job as an intern, then an editorial assistant consumed my life, and it was during this time that I realized I could see a movie on a Friday night by myself, treat myself to brunch alone, and walk the city streets solo—and that doing this was okay. (Although I once went to happy hour at a bar by myself and felt like a total bozo because I had no one to talk to.)

At 26 years old, I’m proud to say that I’m getting over the hump. The first half of this decade was so confusing. I was so shy and insecure, and desperately wanted someone—Anyone!—to just appear before me with a detailed map of where to go, what to wear, and what to say. I still wish for that simple guide to life sometimes, but these days I’m focusing more of my attention on the road, the scenery, and thrill of the ride, and less on the GPS. This book came at the perfect time. I was enticed by the $.49 price tag on Amazon, the opportunity to learn and feel reassured, and the promise of gathering ideas for my own book of short stories that’s currently in the works. Stay tuned.

The wisdom, humor, and inspiration dispensed in “It’s a Wonderful Lie” is invaluable. If you’re a twenty-something struggling for balance in your life, look for this anthology online.