On Saturday, I grabbed my camera and hit up the Project Runway Designer Reunion Party for Fashion Week thanks to the super talented filmmaker, editor, and my personal video guru, Sekiya Dorsett of Making Chaos. The goal was to help Sekiya shoot some sizzle reel footage for a former show contestant, and I. had. a. blast.

Here’s where I should tell you that Project Runway is my favorite show. I don’t know the first thing about fashion (and don’t even own a TV), but I’ve been watching the show since Season 1, and love the suspense as each cast of characters whips up creative and funky concepts on the fly. It’s reality TV at its best, and being in a room filled with my favorite contestants was like being surrounded by all of my favorite Disney characters. (I think I giggled the entire night.)

Season 10’s Sonjia Williams, one of the show’s coolest and most memorable designers, showed up and joined us for a paparazzi-inspired photo op:

Picture 4

Sonjia was so sweet that, of course, I had to do some proper cyber-digging to find some pics.


How fly is she? All images of Sonjia were jacked from her blog, Check her out, follow her work, and keep your eye on this young designer.