About 80 percent of the posts on this blog are devoted to music, from old classics to new obsessions.

I can’t help it. Music just happens to be one of my favorite things to experience and write about. Plus, there are so many talented independent musicians out there (check the archives on this site!), that it’s hard to contain my excitement and not geek out when I come across a new band with music that speaks to my inner (and outer) quirky girl.

Thinking about last year’s all-ladies lineup at the Tinderbox Music Festival in NYC, I thought…

Which artists would I want to see share the stage at an indie music fest?

I thought about it, and it was a pretty simple decision. If I could assemble a dream-team of bands to perform, these out-of-this-world musicians would get top billing:

Picture 2

(Lame flyer made using the extremely awkward site, FlyerLizard.com)

Can you imagine a lineup like this? I can. Each of these artists are very different and have developed their own sound and flair, but that’s what would make a show like this interesting. A hodgepodge of alternative music goodness. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Dreams do come true, right?

Enough of my nerdy rambling. Who would you add to your dream show lineup?