Just came across this interview with Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden, the masterminds behind the L.A.-based comedy zine The Devastator.

In true DIY fashion, these two saw a void in the print comedy realm and set out to fill it:

“We’d constantly talk about how there was no comedy in print anymore–even The Onion stopped their newspaper run. Mad is not what they used to be, National Lampoon isn’t a thing anymore. We got really nostalgic and thought, well, why don’t we try something. Geoff was working on this really awesome army man style zine that I thought was really cool. I discovered Kickstarter and said, ‘What if…we create a perfect-bound book full of colorful comics, writing, illustrations, and stuff? We could have our friends in it! And, we could even ask famous people!’ We thought it was crazy enough to work… so, we started working on it.”

What resulted is a now four-year-old, quarterly print publication that’s curated and edited with a fine-tooth comb:

“There are gifts that come with working on something for enough time. If someone’s writing a blog post about Syria, it’s going to be a little jumbled and hasty–but if someone publishes a well thought out article about Syria in The New Yorker, there’s going to be a lot more.”

In the interview, Meadows and Golden mention that assembling The Devastator is a steady process of experimentation and trial and error, but the simple act of discovering your passion and contributing your voice is worth the admiration.

In the spirit of taking matters into your own hands, here’s the incomparable Miss Jack Davey who always toys around with new things, in her own way.


Read the full article published on Los Angeles I’m Yours here.