The story behind Derrick Ashong’s Take Back the Mic music video contest is perfect. How many times have you watched, read, or listened to a news report documenting the horrors of life throughout the African continent? I’m sure you’ve been told, in gruesome detail, about diseases, death tolls, rapes, and corruption, but rarely do you get a glimpse of what’s beautiful about the continent. If you weren’t born there, or haven’t visited, can you even picture an average day in an African city? The same goes for most inner city communites. What makes the front page is often not a proper representation of city life.

Musician Derrick Ashong is out to change that. The Fight On competition is giving young people the freedom to share their own stories and experiences by awarding $4500 to the best music video that uses Ashong’s chart-topping song, “Fight On,” to visually highlight their community.

“So often we exalt the “fighters” in our society, whether the fictional gunslingers inĀ True Grit, or the real warriors who defend us in places like Iraq & Afghanistan. In this case, I’d like to take a look at a different kind of “fight” — the struggle to live, thrive, dream and survive in a world that may not know nor understandĀ your story. Here’s a chance to tell it, in your own words.”

Read the full story on the Huffington Post, and enter before Feb. 20th!