Photo by my friend, and favorite photographer, Nakeya B.


A good friend and collaborator sent me a Forbes article this week titled, “Winning: Your Best Time Management Tool.”

Now I know the term “winning” is mad annoying (thanks internet and Charlie Sheen!), but this little piece of insight grabbed from the article has totally helped me restructure my daily To-Do lists:

By “little ways,” I mean developing personal habits that keep you and others focused on winning. For example, start your day by taking five minutes to think about winning. Pause for a moment, look at your daily calendar, and ask:

  • What are the most important activities I need to engage in today?
  • How do these support our vision of winning?
  • Of everything I do today, what will really matter a year from now?
  • What tasks or activities can I delegate that will allow me to focus on the areas that most support our winning?

The third bullet point is key. Ask yourself every morning, “Of everything I do today, what will really matter a year from now?

That means, now is the time to set aside your trusted time-wasters and energy-drainers. Put away the worry, the busy work, the mindless chatter and the grass-is-greener/life comparisons made during daily social media trolling. Instead, devote time to your album, your book, your photography portfolio, or your upcoming show. Focus your attention on creating something that, in a year from now, you’ll be proud to stamp your name on.

Today, get to work!