The publication, now titled “Oddflower,” is in motion.

Last week, I made mad progress with the overall layout. I have some solid design concepts for each of the five stories. They just need to be finalized and brought to life. Above, you’ll see a sample of where my head is at. These concepts are still in idea mode (as you can see I’ve substituted Brianna McCarthy’s “Sula is a paper queen” image as a temporary source of inspiration. That will be changed of course. I’m not about that plagiarism life.)

What do you think?

It’s actually pretty fun to visualize these five stories, adding a little color to their words. I have to give a huge shout out to Vashtie Kola. Her Violette New York/”Rude Boy Yute” mixtape got my creativity warmed up and active for hours last week. I’ll definitely have to keep this playlist in rotation as I round out the designs.