I received a message on Twitter yesterday from a reader asking about the status of the project (Yay! Follow me @PenUpGirl).

Thanks to everyone for participating, checking in, and soon… reading the finished product! There are currently five stories in the mix, and I’m working with a great copy editor to fine tune and button everything up. I’m also *fingers crossed* working with one of my favorite designers to collaborate on the cover design.

I’m really inspired by this image, this one, and even this one to reflect the content and theme on the cover. What do you think?

I’m also trying to nail down some fabulous women photographers to visually tell their stories, and once everything is finalized, we’ll move into layout and design.

Lessons learned? Things take time, and that’s okay. There’s an organic flow to everything, and I’m learning to go with it.

But… I’m definitely looking forward seeing a vision come to life. It makes me smile.