Thanks to the Culture-Connector, Alicia Boone, for putting me on to Mara Hruby, a 22-year-old Oakland native with a voice of vintage gold. On her debut album, From Her Eyes, Mara displays a sound that’s equal parts Feist, Adele, Norah, and Amel. This 9-track album finds the young singer remaking her favorite songs by male artists including Van Hunt, Jamiroqui, and Andre 3000. Mara’s renditions are fluid with a healthy dose of femininity. She paints her vocals with gentle strokes over Mos Def’s candlelit croon, “The Panties,” and D’Angelo’s eternally sexy, “Send It On.” Not to mention, her 1940s-era fashion sense is just the icing on the cake. Here’s a warm welcome to yet another new artist expressing herself using an imagination that’s all her own.

Download the album here. It’s totally worth it.