Write a list of 25 (or just 5!) things you want to do in your life.


I have a looooong list of things I want to do in my life that I keep in my journal. I’ve even touched on a few of those things here in a previous post. I reread my list occasionally, and check things off along the way. I think there are about 50 or 60 items on that list, and I’m determined to see and do as much as I can.

I’m away from my journal right now, but here is just a sampling of what I can remember from my sheet of paper:

  1. Write and publish a best-selling book.
  2. Road trip across the U.S.
  3. Master another language. First up: Spanish.
  4. Learn to play the guitar and re-learn the saxophone.
  5. See the pyramids/travel the world.
  6. Say thank you to my family in a big way.
  7. Run a successful business.
  8. Be an expert at something and sit on a panel discussion/master public speaking.
  9. Be a great mentor.
  10. Run a full marathon.
  11. Make a documentary film.
  12. Get back on the stage and act again.

I could keep going. There are tons of things that I want to do in my lifetime. Sometimes, I think the purpose of my life is just to have a series of new experiences—one after the other, endlessly. Some may call me a reckless dreamer, but I think it’s possible.


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