Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime.


Tiffany walked into the department store looking for something to wear to her birthday party. She was turning 17 in a week, and needed the perfect dress. She wanted something sparkling and a little form fitting. A dress that would make her stand out from her friends, and make all of her guests say, “Wow.”

She breezed past the fragrance aisles and weaved her way to the Juniors section. She came right after class, so she carried her bookbag, purse, and a heavy jacket. Lots of other teens—some she recognized from school—were in the store too.

A hot pink strapless dress immediately caught her eye. She grabbed the dress in her size and thumbed through the rest of the rack. There she found a black cocktail dress, a backless royal blue option, and a sequined top she thought of pairing with a skirt she’d purchased last month. She gathered her selections and made her way to the fitting room.

The attendant gave her a cold greeting, snatched her clothes, passed her a plastic number card, and showed her to a room. Tiffany tried everything on, glancing at herself from all angles. The hot pink dress was perfect for the party, but she’d have to wait a few days for her next paycheck before she could buy it. She slid everything back onto the hangers and decided to check out one more store before heading home.

The cruel fitting room attendant was no longer at her post, so Tiffany put all of her clothes back on the rack. She adjusted her bags, put on her heavy jacket, and walked toward the front door. As she strolled through the store’s metal detectors, the alarms began to sound. Tiffany froze. Everyone in the store began to stare. A group of security guards appeared and marched toward her. She didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t move!” the tallest one yelled. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back inside. “We caught you on camera missy. Did you think you could get away with stealing? Come with us.”

Tiffany was almost in tears. What did I do wrong? She thought.


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