Today called for somewhat of an intimate response. I tried my best to describe…

What sets you apart from the crowd?


What sets me apart from the crowd? I live for rich, bold colors—yellow, fuchsia, turquoise—but often dress myself in all black. I mimic British and Southern accents in my free time. My imagination gets lost in film and novel storylines, and I can vividly imagine myself as a rockstar. Vividly.

I value memorable experiences over money, although I would love more money for more experiences. And new (comfortable!) shoes—even though I’d much rather walk barefoot most days. I love chunky jewelry, warm conversations, cultures, candles, and connections.

I feel most connected to my natural surroundings, and have a deep passion for the environment. I can dance for hours, and often hold my best concert performances in the shower, and while I’m cleaning the house (when no one is around, of course). I get excited about books, bookmarks, postcards, and handmade goods. I’m the proud caretaker of five houseplants, and a proud Auntie to six amazing little ones.

I like to challenge myself, and do the things people wouldn’t expect from a girl like me. I’m not interested in an ordinary life, and even though I second-guess my choices, I like being the oddball. I try, I make mistakes, I’m often afraid. What sets me apart is that I’m truly an individual. We all are. I’ve spent most of my life trying to fit in, but now I’m beginning to celebrate all of the fibers, the layers, brushstrokes, and the stitches that make me who I am.


What makes my brother stand out? Check out to find out. I can honestly say, most of my worldly interests come from my big brothers. I wouldn’t be this fly if they hadn’t been so cool!