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Have you heard about the upcoming anthology? It will be an inspiring, freeing, amusing, celebratory book of short stories by, and about, quirky awesome black girls and women. If you can relate, click here to find out how to share your experience. Women from all over the world have submitted essays in the last few months, and there’s still time for you to get in on the action.

This book is for every young woman struggling to fit in. It’s for every woman who proudly embraces her individuality. It’s for those who have learned–through trial and error–that even though your voice, your style, your choices, and your interests may not be the “norm,” your self-expression and creative contributions are infinitely valuable. For those who need encouragement, confirmation, or just a good laugh, join this project!

The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 30th. Contact with any questions.


All love,

Concrete Orchid