The nicknames Erykah “Badoula” and “Medoula” Oblongata have been tossed around the Twitterverse recently in response to Erykah Badu’s recently publicized aspirations of becoming a midwife. Word is, she even served as doula to Concrete Orchid inspiration, Jack Davey’s first birth. Here, she goes in depth on the “ancient art” of natural birthing.


Ever since seeing Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, I’ve been totally skeptical of hospitals, doctors, and the medical procedures that are often forced on women during one of the most beautiful and vulnerable moments in their lives. A good friend of mine recently explored the traditional method for the birth of her first child and faced all sorts of obstacles. From family ridicule to finding a midwife covered under her insurance and willing to make house calls to her inner-city neighborhood, going the drug and surgery-free route was an uphill battle. Hopefully, Erykah Badu’s involvement will aid the shift toward making natural birth a more accessible option for all women.

What do you think about the “business of being born?”