If you’re wondering why the posting here at Concrete Orchid has been so sporadic lately, it’s because I was busy exploring/networking/vacationing/learning/traveling in California and New Mexico for the past month. I saw some amazing live shows. Met some incredibly talented and funny and loving men and women. I connected with old friends and made new relationships. Had my body and soul drenched in sunshine. Gave and received thick, healthy hugs. I practiced yoga and exercised, giving my body some much-needed movement and TLC. I danced to dubstep, reggae, pop tunes, and rock. I ate and drank waaaaay too much. I laughed. I wrote. I went for long drives past palm trees, quiet neighborhoods, busy districts, and gorgeous beaches. I got stuck in the infamous LA traffic. Got my first tattoo and learned how to play dominoes–the West Coast’s version of spades. I gained clarity on my direction, my interests, and my goals. I visited Agape and affirmed that “All of my needs are met.” I was challenged and loved and totally taken care of. There are few words to fully describe just how overwhelmingly awesome this month has been.

I experienced an outpouring of generosity, and I’m sooo grateful for this experience! Now I’m back home on the East Coast feeling refreshed, encouraged, and ready. Ready to love, live, create, and work with nothing but courage. “So her soul crawled out from its hiding place.” –Zora Neale Hurston

Welcome back!