The music, the colors, the symbols, the composition, the attitude, the movement. Adia Tamar Whitaker’s music video/performance piece is on point. It’s not every day you see a woman making such a bold statement on film. Thanks to the Culture-Connector for posting the link.

“Ezili” is a music video project directed and performed by dancer, choreographer Adia Tamar Whitaker. The name Ezili describes a spectrum of goddess personalities that have become figures of love, beauty and womanhood in the pantheon Haitian Vodou. Ms. Whitaker’s project is an artistic representation of the complex relationship she continues to build with her art. There are as many Ezili personalities as there are phases of the moon. Featuring music by Tommy “Soulati” Shepherd and collaborations with Brooklyn based filmmakers/visual media artists Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel and Joshua Bee Alafia, “Ezili” tells the story of a modern day moon goddess transforming struggle and sacrifice into love and grace.

Ezili from Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel on Vimeo.