Back when the Rapture was all the rage, I wrote a post that asked (and answered) How would you spend your today if you knew there was no tomorrow?

One of my top goals, an activity that’s always on my To-Do list, is to Learn to Play the Electric Guitar. The sound of the electric guitar just speaks to me, excites me, and leaves me daydreaming about the day I can play an elaborate guitar solo on stage, while making this face. I’ve wanted to play since I was 13 years old, but over the years have convinced myself that it’s too expensive, I’ll never practice, it’s too late to learn, etc. A couple weeks ago, I watched this video and finally made a decision to go out and buy the damn guitar. I often sit back and watch other people do things that I wish I could do myself, instead if… just doing it! On a sunny Wednesday, June 15th, I walked from my job at 50th St all the way to Guitar Center at 14th St Union Sq. The sales guy, Patrick, was really sweet, patiently answered all of my nervous questions, and helped me pick out a spankin’ new guitar kit, a heavy sonofabitch that I then lugged all the way back home to Newark:

It’s a kit designed for beginners, complete with the guitar, an amp, some picks, an instructional DVD, and a few other goodies. (Patrick assured me that I wouldn’t look lame whipping this out in front of seasoned players.) I’ve already learned two chords thanks to my friend and (seasoned player) Ally Way. Learning the guitar definitely is not an easy task, and my left hand’s middle finger already feels mildly numb from pressing so hard on the strings, but I’ll keep trying. I might even track my progress here on the site to document the high’s and low’s of becoming a rock-n-roll goddess. Calloused fingertips and guitar solos, here I come…   

Check out more pics of my sexy guitar: