There’s absolutely no way to save people from the things in their eyes. They must gather the courage to do it for themselves.

– Alvin Lester

Before we were indoctrinated to the rules of the world, with all its do’s and don’ts, we were actually very receptive. We were willing to try new things, go into forbidden places and take risks without hesitation. We did not believe in unhappiness, defeat, rejection or lack. We asked for what we wanted and were willing to demand that it be provided. We thought the world existed to respond to our needs. It might do us well to revert back to the ways of childhood if we want to bring some good into our lives. It’s not the temper tantrums or childish outbursts we want. It is the openness and freedom from limitation we need. We have been taught to accept fear, lack, sorrow and restriction as a part of everyday life. We are afraid to make demands of life because we believe we can’t have what we want. We no longer feel free to express what we feel, when we feel it. Now, we want to be everyone’s friend. If only we could think like a child again, there’s a good chance we would find the freedom we gave up to become adults.

Today, I Am a child again.

From Acts of Faith, by Iyanla Vanzant