Last week, I posted some words of wisdom from artist Caits Meissner’s Tumblr. Her writing is so comfortable and fluid, and her graphic design projects are oh-so-fly. You’ll probably see more Meissner messages here on Concrete Orchid in the future. This week, I’m excited to introduce the first episode of her new Creative Control TV series, The Livingroom Sessions. As you know by now, Creative Control is a well-crafted platform for online storytelling, and The Livingroom Sessions fits right into the mix. This Brooklyn-based web series gives viewers an intimate peek inside the creative minds and spaces of local artists. It “offers unmasked, experiential glimpses into the lives of underground artists, and the settings in which they create. Episodes seek to capture genuine, unscripted moments that celebrate the humanity and spirit of artists, and reveal ways in which private space influences creative process.”

Episode 1 highlights the work (and family life) of Sarah White, a musician and mother whose eclectic sound has dazzled crowds all over New York City. The black and white, almost gritty film style is a welcome departure from Creative Control’s glossy aesthetic. This short video feels like a quick shot of warmth, and honesty.

Stay tuned for more.

The Livingroom Sessions Episode One. Meet Sarah White, Brooklyn electro-soul-jazz singer turned acoustic lullaby and her musical partner/boo DJ Don Cuco. Warning: you might want to make more than just songs (ahem, babies) after this one.

Livingroom Sessions – Episode 1 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Get more info on The Livingroom Sessions, and keep Sarah White’s music on repeat.