"Speak No Evil," by artist and photographer Delphine Fawundu-Buford

Here’s an interesting article and interview written by the amazing writer, Akiba Solomon for Colorlines. Curator (and fellow Temple U. grad) Shantrelle P. Lewis, recently debuted her newest exhibit, “Sex Crimes Against Black Girls,” which confronts the sexual abuses endured by black girls through the work of ten artists.

Tell me how “Sex Crimes Against Black Girls” came about.

It came about in several ways. In grad school, I read “The Permanent Obliquity of an In(pha)llibly Straight: In the Time of Daughters and the Fathers, an essay by [literary critic] Hortense Spillers that deals with the treatment of incest among African Americans in literature. I was struck by how she put it within a larger context of racism and socioeconomic oppression, not just as [individual] pathology of black men or because black men have so-called issues. That spoke to me as a black woman who uses art to educate people, and as someone who was molested.

The exhibit is on display at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration’s Skylight Gallery until April 2nd. Read the full interview, and click here for more information.